TIPS: How To Be a 6 Figure Marketer in 3 Easy Ways

This Is the Simple Tips How To be a 6 Figure Marketer with Big Income in Excellent Way

In this article, I’m going to tell you how to be a 6 figure marketer.  All of us, we want to be amazing as a marketer or an entrepreneur. Now in this article tips,  we’re going to talk about how to cut it into six figures.

One of the stories I shared was when I was doing freelance work for a t-shirt company in Philadelphia and I was getting paid a good hourly amount. I think they’re paying me like I don’t know, twenty-five dollars a month not a month an hour.

We kept working together for about a month or two. I kept bringing new ideas to a tale. I was like we should do things this way. We should do things this way. I don’t think that things should be done this way, this is broken over here.

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So I kept hitting more and more and more and eventually, I got offered a good six-figure salary. We’re talking about 150 grand or so and they also offered a profit-sharing amount.

Now known as up work, I wasn’t doing the status quo. I kept trying to do more and more and more. I kept offering to do more to find the wrong things. And I would study things that I didn’t know and try to understand it.

And then come with an idea so here’s what’s valuable. If you can do the job, let’s say you are an employee. Let’s say you can do the job but you need to be told what to do. Or you’re an employee that comes up with the ideas and execute them and you can figure things out on your own.

3 Ways on How to be a 6 Figure marketer

What do you think’s more valuable? There’s value to both sides but at least to me, what’s more, valuable is someone that can find things and find the issues and figure it out in their way. Because if you require too much hand-holding let’s say I hire someone and then I need to continually train them and there are so many questions all the time.

That’s fine but that takes me away from doing things that are higher impact, right? So, it just depends on the stage of business that you’re at. So, if you’re starting, maybe you need to be training people more frequently.

But as you get to a larger size, you’re going to want to have people that can figure things out. People that are good at recruiting as well. So, that’s why people get paid more money because they know how to build teams.

They know how to solve problems and they don’t need to be told what to do all the time. There’s room for both have to consider the season of kind of where you’re at a season of where your business is.

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Be A Good Problem Solver

Let’s say you are that entrepreneur also the flip side, you have to consider where you’re the one that needs to be told what to do all the time, has questions all the time or re to type to figure things out on your own.

I kept eventually I worked out now, but I got fired from a job where I was working at SEO strategist. Well, after that I was kind of doing freelance consulting and I got this opportunity to take over. I lead marketing for an online education startup called treehouse.

And that’s where I get the offer again, I got offered a six-figure salary and I get the offered equity in the company. For the role I am competing with CMOS, he had this 26-year-old kid who was competing with very experienced people.

We’re talking about people in their 40s or 50s right. Even though I started my background in SEO, I learned paid media, I learned email marketing. I learned affiliate marketing, I learned how to take advantage of analytics and I learn content marketing.

Be a T-Shaped Marketer

Eventually, I learned podcasts, I learned video, so you learn all these things you become a t-shaped marketer. And that’s how you can see why it doesn’t matter if whatever happens to you like if you get fired from a job you will always have a job.

Because you are so well-rounded becoming a t-shaped marketer that’s gonna help you. And because I was bringing so many ideas to the table when I was doing the interview, it’s kind of similar to bring ideas to the table on and execute on it.

So, you want to make sure that if you become a t-shaped marketer that you are indispensable.

But, you get a salary like a cog because you’re just a cog so you have to be what’s indispensable where people are like I need this guy. You become so indispensable that people want to counter.

So, here’s another lesson for you. If you were in a business, you probably don’t wanna counter offer. Because if they offered if they’re gonna leave. Once, if they offer to leave once or they’ve been looking already they’re gonna leave.

That’s why don’t count our offer you want to get to a level where people are like “man, I can’t believe that person’s gonna go”. I want to make sure that I can counteroffer to retain that person you want to be. That person that they retain that’s what ended up happening at that company.

And you know what I have today is worth a lot more than what the options. Here’s the other lesson for you. Sometimes you take Gamble’s and what you might think risky to you. You take a shot on it and might turn out good.

And that’s how you went you take calculated risks and then you went out. So, that’s how I get the journey and I take my journey from freelancer to go into six figures. And then going to even multiple six figures as well.

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Make sure that you become indispensable that’s one thing. the second thing too is to bring new ideas to the table. The third thing is you want to be the type of person that can execute not just bring the new ideas to the table but execute on the ideas.

You want to make sure that you are that autonomous person that people can rely on. So, people can count on. Those are the things that will get you into that six-figure level as a marketer.

If you want to go into the six-figure range, you are going to need to push harder than that. And you are going to need to set yourself apart. So, you’re not the type again, you’re not going to get there by being the one that is always asking for help. And always counting on others for some hand-holding.

You are gonna get there by being the one with the one that says hey I did this studying over here I think we should do something. And you show the results, you have to hit numbers. If you hit numbers, there’s gonna be no problem for you getting to the six version amount

But if you cannot numbers, you are going to struggle to get there. You will be stuck at the level that you’re at the hardener trials. It’s better for you because if you can pass the trial you get to level up into another level. You can go from five figures to six figures. that’s all the way to be a 6 figure marketer. Hope it will help you!

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